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MRI Compatible Multimodality Motion Controller & Stage For Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Therapy

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The MR-1A-XRV2 is a fully Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) compatible linear motion stage for use inside the bore of an MRI scanner. The stage is made of precisely machined MRI-compatible materials and replicates, in real time, user defined dynamic and periodic motion profiles.

The MR-1A-XRV2 features user-defined and dynamic trajectoryfollowing capabilities as well as accurate  positioning control of the stage. The user-defined trajectories can be created in a spreadsheet template on any computer then loaded on the control system through a micro SD card. Data communication and  positioning control is also achieved through a USB port. The stage and motor are controlled via a control unit that is positioned outside the scanner room. An LCD on the control unit provides the user with real-time updates of the exact position of the stage and mode of operation. While designed and developed for use in an MRI environment, the MR-1A-XRV is compatible with other imaging modalities such as; CT, PET, SPECT, and Ultrasound.

PET/MRI/CT Compatible Respiratory Tumour Motion Phantom

Respiratory Tumour Motion Phantom

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Shelley's programmable multi-modality Respiratory Tumour Motion Phantom simulates accurate and reproducible tumour motion from patient-specific breathing profiles to ensure accuracy in gated radiation therapy.

The multi-modality Respiratory Motion Phantom is ideal for commissioning of new systems and system upgrades/repairs, sheduled testing, quality assurance tests and comparative testing of PET, MRI & CT in radiotherapy planning where respiratory motion is of concern.