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Blood Mimicking Fluid for MRI, CT & Endovascular Applications


Ideal for angiographic techniques and quantitative flow measurements.
MRI Properties:
T1:  850 ms @ 1.5 Tesla
T1:  170 ms @ 1.5 Tesla
Density:  1.02 g cm¯³
Viscosity:  4.1 mPa s

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Blood Mimicking Fluid for Doppler Ultrasound


The Model: BMF-US, Blood Mimicking Fluid can be used in any flow phantom and with all types of pump systems.  This stable and reliable fluid simulates both the acoustic and physical characteristics of human blood.  It is ideal for Doppler studies and system evaluations.  The fluid is fully degassed prior to packaging to minimize noise from air bubbles.  The back-scatterers are neutrally buoyant.

BMF-US is non-hazardous and meets the requirements for recommended blood-mimicking fluid as described in the IEC 1685 draft specifications

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